A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Your planet has been destroyed by alien invaders. Now it's payback time. Never forget, never forgive!

Shoot down the alien space ships, but beware of enemies and obstacles. How fast can you clear the planet?

Move (WASD keys)     Shoot (-space-) ;        Gamepad (shoot with A)

Prototype !!

Revenge for Asgaroth is a prototype still in development, without menus or scoreboard, but already playable. To exit the game close the window!

Feedback very welcome !!


This prototype was made during Udemy course: https://www.udemy.com/ "Complete C# Unity Developer 3D: Learn to Code Making Games" and modified by me. Many thanks to teachers Ben Tristem and Rick Davidson, you are the best!

Assets (from Unity asset store):
"Star Sparrow Modular Spaceship" by Ebal Studios;  "Generic Arcade Style Spaceships" by Ebal Studios; "Skybox Vol 2" by Hedgehog Team;  "Sanctuary" by Purple Jump;  "Stone Head" by Piopis.  "Arch", "Magic idol", "Idol horn" and "Runestone" all by Maksim Bugrimov;  "Ruined Tower" by ice_screen; "Stone Pillar" by Giggle Star; "Lowpoly Sci-Fi buildings set" by karboosx.

Install instructions

Unzip and click on the executable file. Play in windowed mode! Data, executable and DDL must be stored in the same place.


Revenge for Asgaroth! 178 MB
Mac Revenge For Asgaroth 181 MB
Linux Revenge For Asgaroth 182 MB

Development log


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Congrats for this prototype <3


Many thanks for playing it on Twitch, Skywilly, your canal rocks! And yes, I'll work on the explosions ...