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Brain jogging for everyone!

Codebreakers, try to guess the pattern of the pearls, in both order and colour, within 8 turns!

With your mouse place your pearls in the slots. Click on the "Check" button to receive feedback:

Black pearls (the guess is correct in both colour and position)

White pearls (the colour is correct but the pearls are in the wrong position).

Three difficulty levels:  Easy, Normal and Hard.  

Time and the number of rows used to find the code decrease the score. The score starts at 10000.

Have fun !!


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Mastermind Classic 20 MB

Development log


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How can I mute it?

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I cannot open a 7zip file. I ended up converting it to a ZIP and jumping through many hoops to play this.

Aaaaand it doesn't work. I can click and drag, but nothing stays... Can't go back to menu so I exit completely just to try again. 

Badly made.

Maybe something got wrong in the many hoops when you converted it. For how to open a 7zip file see the comment of Toma below.

I did try that first. No luck.

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I'm sorry. Can I give you a free download code for another of my games instead? One you don't have to unzip?  dm criacuervos at bluewin dot ch

You don't have to. Thank you, though. =)

I can't seem to open this file.
I've never heard of this file extension. Please advise. Thanks.


Mastermind Classic was made with Unity. 1- Unzip the file.  2- Now you have 3 folders: _Data, .exe and .ddl;  They must be stored together in the same folder!  3- Double click on the .exe file. If you still have problems I advise you to use the itchio app; you can download the app from the itchio frontpage. Hope this helped.

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In case someone else has the issue: 7z is a file compression extension from a program called 7zip. You can download it for free to unzip the folder. Just google it, its actually a very handy free tool that I would also recommend installing anyway :) 

Not bad, but two serious issues - one, no way to adjust or mute that music. And two, no way to remove a bead once you've placed it if you've changed your mind.


Hi Robotkarateman, thanks for taking the time to review my game! As for "correcting wrong choices": as long as you haven't clicked on the "Check" button, you can correct your choice by putting a new bead onto the "wrong" one. Have fun!