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Explore forgotten worlds and deadly dungeons with your companions, make difficult choices and endure their consequences. Solve intriguing puzzles to open doors and obtain key artefacts.   Have fun!


Moonstone is a pretty mountain village that owes its riches to a famous mine, that has recently become a source of major trouble for the inhabitants. Since part of it caved in due to a mysterious explosion, the village is haunted at night by dangerous creatures that have already caused one casualty: Terence the Baker.  With your companions, you decide to help the villagers (for a handsome reward of course as nobody works for free nowadays) to get rid of said monsters. What starts as a simple "cleaning operation" of the mines quickly evolves into an epic drama about lost civilizations, historic guilt, race disputes, and difficult choices about loyalty, justice, and trust. And yes, there is also a love story or two, depending on your choices.

What can you do in this game?

In 7 hours of gameplay, you can enjoy interesting tales, play detective and solve a hideous crime, fight deadly enemies, solve intriguing puzzles, play minigames, win/lose your money at gambling, loot chests, trade, open a bank account, open doors with lockpicks.  Make tough choices with not always foreseeable consequences.

How will it end?

This depends entirely on your choices. There are three possible ends:  happy end,  bad end, and death.  Death means "game over" - you won't even have the doubtful pleasure of seeing the bad end ...

Free demo!    Play the first hour of the game for free!

Moonstone Deep is the first part of the "Ryan Manolesta Trilogy".  Did you like the game? Don't miss the second part,  Benjamin of Blackstone Edge  (released May 2018)!

Here is a short review of the game:



Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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thanks for the game (one of the charity bundles). had a question:  went to help the elf at night and it said to talk to bellera. there's no one around named that. the stores are closed, the tent is closed off, and half the map is blocked off. there's alice, the barkeep, an inaccessible woman in the kitchen, and the gambling guy in the bar. the one available house won't let me in and it says talk to bellera. where is bellera?

Hi Russelmz, thanks for playing my game and for your feedback! Bellara is always in the village pub, in her room. You don't need to talk to the barkeeper, you can go straight through the white curtains. See picture. Let me know if you're still stuck.

omg i thought that was Alice 🤣

thanks a bunch! been enjoying the game, glad I can finish it.

I'm very happy you like it. Let me know if you get stuck elsewhere (puzzles) or have questions. Have fun! By the way, I'm working on the third part of the Ryan Manolesta Trilogy, but it will take some time to finish.

Hello thank you for following me!
Are you interested in me reviewing any of your games?

Thank you for your kind offer, but at the moment I'm not interested in a review. I'm working at a new game, maybe when it's finished, be patient.


What did you make this in?

I made it with RPG Maker Ace.

Not VX Ace?

Yes, sorry, I mean RPG Maker VX Ace, of course.

Well I was wondering if you would like to see about bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?

Not at the moment, but thanks for the offer!

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I am also getting a warning by Norton Security. Seems pretty easy for a third-party entity to create an executable with the same name and icon to inject a Trojan.  Is there a reason that this executable was not digitally signed? 



Hi Charlie,

as leafo said some time ago in a post, to avoid this issue download and run the game from the itch.io app.

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Thank you for your reply. Is the executable downloaded from the itch.io app digitally signed?

No idea, you'll have to ask Leafo. For this topic go to Community/General Discussion and search with "unknown author".

Thanks. I'll just skip this game.

Windows Defender in Win 10 considers this download a suspicious file.

The file is clean and, obviously, virus free, don't worry.

Hi, could you please make the game claimable?


Great, thanks so much :)

Finally, this great game has a demo, so everyone can get a little sneak peek to Ryan adventure. This game is very recommended for anyone who like medieval game or world like The Lord of the Rings, Skyrim and Dungeon and Dragons.