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I am also getting a warning by Norton Security. Seems pretty easy for a third-party entity to create an executable with the same name and icon to inject a Trojan.  Is there a reason that this executable was not digitally signed? 



Hi Charlie,

as leafo said some time ago in a post, to avoid this issue download and run the game from the app.

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Thank you for your reply. Is the executable downloaded from the app digitally signed?

No idea, you'll have to ask Leafo. For this topic go to Community/General Discussion and search with "unknown author".

Thanks. I'll just skip this game.

Windows Defender in Win 10 considers this download a suspicious file.

The file is clean and, obviously, virus free, don't worry.

Hi, could you please make the game claimable?



Great, thanks so much :)


Finally, this great game has a demo, so everyone can get a little sneak peek to Ryan adventure. This game is very recommended for anyone who like medieval game or world like The Lord of the Rings, Skyrim and Dungeon and Dragons.